Subject Verb Agreement Multiple Choice Test with Answers Pdf

Subject-verb agreement is one of the most important aspects of proper grammar. It refers to the agreement between the subject and the verb in terms of number, which means that a singular subject should take a singular verb and a plural subject should take a plural verb. The best way to master subject-verb agreement is practice, and what better way to practice than with a multiple choice test with answers in PDF format?

Here are some examples of subject-verb agreement questions you may encounter in a multiple choice test:

1. The dog (run/runs) in the park every morning.

Answer: runs. The subject “dog” is singular, so it should take a singular verb “runs.”

2. The students (was/were) excited about the field trip.

Answer: were. The subject “students” is plural, so it should take a plural verb “were.”

3. Neither the teacher nor the students (is/are) happy with the test results.

Answer: are. The conjunction “nor” indicates that both the teacher and the students are not happy, so the subject is plural and should take a plural verb “are.”

4. Each of the boys (has/have) a textbook.

Answer: has. Even though the sentence includes the word “boys,” the subject of the verb is “each,” which is singular and should take a singular verb “has.”

5. The group of musicians (play/plays) different instruments.

Answer: plays. The subject “group” is singular, so it should take a singular verb “plays.”

By practicing subject-verb agreement with multiple choice questions, you can strengthen your understanding of proper grammar. But what if you get stuck on a question or are unsure of the correct answer?

Here`s a tip: try reading the sentence out loud to determine the subject and verb. Pay attention to whether the subject is singular or plural, and choose the verb that matches. If you`re still unsure, eliminate any obviously incorrect answers and make an educated guess based on what you do know.

In conclusion, a subject-verb agreement multiple choice test with answers in PDF format is a helpful tool for anyone looking to improve their grammar skills. By practicing with such tests, you can develop a better understanding of how subjects and verbs should agree in terms of number, and ultimately become a stronger writer and communicator.